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Prayer For Our Children

5 years ago

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Prayer Points

Father, I come to you on behalf of the children you have given me, please forgive them of every sin they have committed against you in the mighty name of Jesus.
Father, I repent of every sin I have sinned against you regarding the children you have given me in the name of Jesus.

Psalm 11:3 – I break and reject every negative foundation that may want to disturb my children now or in their future IJN
Isaiah 62:4 – Every negative term, imagination or label over the life of any of my children I remove and destroy now by the Blood of Jesus IJN

Zech 1:21 – Every power sustaining any form of limitation over any of my children, be broken and limitations, be removed IJN Proverbs 1:10 – I come against every type of negative and evil influence overmy children IJN

Esther 7:5-6 – My Father, my Father,please reveal and revoke every negative agenda of the enemy concerning any of my children IJN

Jeremiah 29:11 – Almighty God! Bring to pass Your good and glorious plans for the life of my children IJN

Jeremiah 1:5 – Father, that divine programme of Yours for my children before they were born, Father, bring it to pass IJN Jeremiah 1:10 – O God, use my children to establish Your Righteousness on earth, Amen!

Psalm 112:2 – Almighty God, make my children mighty upon the earth

Psalm 102:28 – Continuous flourishing and divine establishment shall be the portion of all the children You have given me IJN

Proverbs 11:21b – O God, from every attack and every evil, deliver my children indeed and totally IJN

Proverbs 14:26b; Genesis 46:33-34 God,the way You provided Goshen for the children of Israel, provide a place of refuge, rest and flourishing for my children in every area of their lives IJN

Job 1:8-10 – O God, You’ve been our Protector since ages past, let Your hedge of protection surround my children wherever they go IJN

Whatever evil spell hanging upon my children head, Father, break it now IJN

Father I decree that the good things of this earth will locate my children IJN.
I speak to your life (mention their names), that No evil, stray bullet, sickness will touch you IJN
Oh earth, I speak to you, begin to yield your increase to my children IJN.

My children will not be a servant to their enemy. Father let the good things of this earth locate my children IJN

My children will not borrow or beg My children will be a palace pillar in the kingdom of God

Father, please secure the destiny of the children you have given me. Secure their today, and secure their tomorrow IJN.

Father, please preserve the life of the children you have given unto me. Father, I decree it today in the mighty name of Jesus, that My children will not bring me shame but glory